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70% of Bahraini companies’ domains vulnerable to cyberattacks: NGN

January 26, 2021
finance & economy

A report by NGN International, a full-fledged systems integrator and IT consultant headquartered in Bahrain, revealed an increase in cyberattacks targeting private sector institutions, as cybercriminals resort to using the institution’s domain to send thousands of emails to clients, stealing their money or data.

NGN experts worked in cooperation with “PowerDMARC” company to analyze 167 domains for different Bahraini businesses and organizations and showed that 127 of them (70%) possessed SPF records, out of which

10 domains (6%) had SPF records with errors. On analyzing the domains in the Banking and Finance sectors in Bahrain, found that 45% of the analyzed domains are implementing DMARC with 12% doing it at an enforcement level. 70% of the analyzed domains had a valid SPF record while only 30% had a valid DMARC record out of which 54% are implementing DMARC at an enforcement level. The rest of the domains had no DMARC record at all.

CEO of NGN, Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi said that this report is considered the most recent alert to institutions and companies in Bahrain regarding the need to protect their presence on the internet from cyber attackers, and protect their data to ensure the sustainability of their work and services and preserve their reputation. He added that this report affirms that in the second quarter of 2020, a sum-total of 67,581 phishing attacks were reported across Bahrain.

“NGN- PowerDMARC Report” presents a clear picture of the email security landscape in Bahrain in particular. Several organizations and businesses across Bahrain, especially in the Healthcare sector, are making critical errors while implementing DMARC, facing problems while maintaining and monitoring their DMARC records, or are still yet to adopt DMARC as a part of their email security suite.” Al Awadhi said.

Mr. Faisal Al Farsi CEO of PowerDMARC said that any company’s basic protection system defends mailboxes against phishing, spam, and other malicious emails that come on an annoyingly regular basis. But what if the attackers take it one step further and, instead of attacking you, spoof your email address to send phishing emails to your customers and prospects? Criminals now can create the exact copy of the corporate email address and do with it whatever they want.

“At this moment of crisis, when there is a steep surge in the number of email spoofing, BEC, and phishing attacks, post-pandemic, it is imperative for businesses across Bahrain to act promptly and opt for immediate DMARC adoption, enforcement, and monitoring at their respective organizations.” Mr. Al Farsi concluded.


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